Technology Solutions Built for You

  • Find Your Technology Expectations

    When working with new clients, the first thing we do is sit down with you and learn what makes your organization tick, and how data impacts it, or makes it work. We focus on and set expectation in three main areas; business continuity, security, and productivity.

  • Locate The

    Once we understand the expectation you have for your business technology, we do a technical network assessment. The results of that assessment create a gap report that shows you where your technology is and isn’t meeting your set expectations in the areas of business continuity, security, and productivity.

  • Create a

    After we have a gap report, we can put together a plan that fills the gaps where your expectations aren’t being met by you technology. Our plans are always built to take care of high urgency and low cost/no cost issues first, then address other issues as your budget and time allows.

  • Give You a

    We have changed the model of managed IT support. When you call in, or put in a ticket, you don’t get sent to a low level call center. You get your team of techs, in your area - the people who know you and your network.