Mobile Malware on the Rise

Author: Chris Laney

CheckPoint recently conducted a study (based on intelligence from ThreatCloud) that shows a decrease in active malware families attacking businesses. However, it also showed an increase in mobile malware. In fact, mobile malware accounts for nine percent of the total active malware families. This is up fifty percent from the previous month.

What is malware? Malware is a fancy term for software that’s intended to damage or disable your computer or computer systems. The threat malware has on businesses are significant and that’s why security is so important. CheckPoint detected 2,300 unique and active malware families attacking business networks, and for the first time in four months seen a drop in the number of unique malware families. However, the total still matched the second highest number of malware attacks recorded in a calendar month this year.

There are three notable mobile malware families that made the list. HummingBad is an Android malware that establishes a persistent rootkit on the device. A Trojan called Ztorg, that uses root privileges to download and install applications on a mobile phone without the user’s knowledge. Lastly, XcodeGhost, an altered version of Xcode, an iOS developer platform that injects malicious code into any app developed and compiled using it.

It’s essential for your business to not only be concerned about the security of your internal network, but to look at the security of employee-owned devices that may be connected to your network and accessing company information (email and remote desktops, etc.). For more information on how Mapletronics can help you secure your data, contact us at [email protected].