Supporting Your Local Community

Author: Chris Laney

Today is Support Local Chambers Day and depending on where you live, communities embrace their local chambers far more than others. I thought since Mapletronics is a huge advocate of community investment and our local chamber of commerce, I would write to the importance of investing in your local community and especially your local chamber of commerce.

There is a tale of two stories I want to share today. First, as Director of Marketing for Mapletronics, my direct involvement with our local chamber of commerce and the long-standing relationship between Mapletronics and our chambers in each of our regions. Every chamber throughout the country represents different initiatives and represents different sizes of the business community. In 2012, I first got involved with the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce through the Sarasota Young Professionals group.  

The Sarasota Young Professionals group represents approximately 450 members between the ages of 21-40. Through my involvement with this group also known as YPG, I found tremendous value, furthering my involvement in the Sarasota Chamber by attending events and getting involved in programs like Leadership Sarasota and their Talent4Tomorrow initiative. In 2014, I was named Chairman of the Sarasota YPG which afforded me an opportunity to sit on the Chamber Board of Directors. This provided me an inside look into some of our communities most pressing initiatives. What I found was a love for education and have continued my involved with the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce by volunteering for both Leadership Sarasota, Youth Leadership Sarasota, and Chairing the State of Jobs Conference, one of the region’s premiere student conference focused on inspiring students to take control of their futures.

While my extended experience working with our local chamber in our Sarasota region, Mapletronics has a longstanding relationship with our chambers in our other regions including our corporate headquarters in Goshen, Indiana. Our CEO, Wes Herschberger, a former Chairman of the board for the Goshen Chamber of Commerce and has continued to champion small business in the Goshen region through community initiatives and investment. Mapletronics believes in supporting local chambers because local chambers support us. It’s the philosophy of partnership in the community and with this mentality, the community is stronger.

At Mapletronics, we’ve invested in our local chambers in all three of our regions. We’re still an active investor in the Goshen Chamber of Commerce. We’ve invested into three great local chambers in our Tennessee office including the Spring Hill Chamber of Commerce, Maury County Alliance, and the Select Lawrenceburg Chamber. In Florida, we’ve invested in the Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce and the Lakewood Ranch Business Alliance. We hope you will join Mapletronics in supporting your local chamber of commerce as well. It’s an investment into your community that has a long-lasting impact.