Network Security Scan

Though you may know and follow basic security measures when installing, setting up, and managing your network, you'll never be able to keep up with and catch every vulnerability by yourself.

Our solution to this issue includes an external and internal vulnerability scan, physical assessment, and your peace of mind.

What's Involved?

  • External Vulnerability Scan

    The External Vulnerability Scan tests all open ports from the outside world into your network.  This helps identify weaknesses in existing devices and configurations that could be used to break into your systems.

  • Internal Vulnerability Scan

    Internal Network security is important. We scan all workstations, servers and other network devices for known vulnerabilities and list all discovered assets.

  • Physical Assessment

    This is a walk-through of your premise to identify physical threats and weaknesses that could put your network and data at risk.

Technical Assessment Report

At the end of the Security scan we will meet with you to go over a detailed report of all discovered issues, successful exploits and remediations. This includes an Executive Summary with risks.