TorQ41 can backup & restore entire servers, including the operating system.

How quickly do you need to recover from a data disaster? How much data can you afford to lose?

The answers to these two questions is most likely immediately and none. This is where TorQ41 comes in.

TorQ41 reinvents the way you back up and recover data. Moving far beyond failure-prone once-a-day tape backup models, TorQ41 combines local and remote protection into a cost-effective, unified, image based backup solution.

More Than Data Protection

Protection is only part of the solution. TorQ41 delivers fast, reliable recovery, bringing your business back online sooner than you thought possible. Using physical-to-virtual recovery entire systems can be restored in a few hours. Lost files can be recovered in minutes. And all of this can occur without the need to touch backup software or run a "restore job." If one or all of your servers go down we can bring them right back online using TorQ41’s virtualization device. In other words, if the motherboard goes out in your server your business doesn’t have to stop while it’s repaired.

  • Image based backup
  • Choose what gets backed-up
  • Encryption
  • Off-site backup
  • Good for servers
  • MapleTronics managed
  • On-site data protection device
  • Backup entire servers (including the operating system)
  • On-site server replication